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Fittings & Accessories

To complement Pneumax’s comprehensive range of pneumatic components, we can also offer an extensive range of pneumatic fittings and tube. We have available polymer, metal and stainless steel push-in fittings, a range of airline adaptors such as BSP nipples, tee’s, elbows etc. This is then complimented with exhaust flow restrictors, silencers and polyurethane tube from Ø4mm to Ø16mm. In addition we can also offer compression fittings, quick fittings and manifolds.


  • Polymer Fittings: Tube Sizes Ø4mm ↔ Ø16mm
  • Metal Fittings: Tube sizes Ø4mm ↔ Ø12mm
  • Stainless Steel Fittings: Ø4mm ↔ Ø12mm
  • Airline Adaptors: M5 ↔ G1”
  • Silencers: M5 ↔ G1”
  • Exhaust Flow Restrictors: M5 ↔ G1”
  • Tubing: Ø4mm ↔ Ø16mm
  • Compression Fittings: Ø4mm ↔ Ø12mm
  • Quick Fittings: Ø4/2.7mm ↔ 12/10mm
  • Manifolds: G⅛” ↔ G½”
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